Welcome to a new way of approaching your sales engagements within the Public Sector.  We enable companies to succeed in the Public Sector Market by leveraging proven “as a Service” sales & marketing resources, strategies, business plans, industry expertise, and relationships, to grow overall brand credibility and company revenues.

Ink- Public Sector strives to be your quickest path to Public Sector Success (“Ink“), by delivering three unique Sales as a Service offerings:

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As a professional sales person most of my life, I’ve always been big on keeping good notes on people. My “sales notes” on my relationships from CPCA go back to 2004. Excited today to announce Ink- Public Sector as an official Premium Corporate Circle Partner with the CA Police Chiefs Association. Thank you CPCA for… Read More

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I’ve been selling most of my life and there is still something nostalgic about getting “ink” on paper. Today, electronic signatures and emailed documents back and forth seem to be the norm, but bringing out the lucky “closing pen” will always get my adrenaline pumping.  

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This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

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Experience Matters

I’ve worked with Troy both as a customer and a colleague, and appreciate his ability to build strong relationships, while at the same time delivering excellent customer service.  I’ve known him for 13+ years and consider him a great resource within the Public Sector space, as well as friend.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Troy and his team at multiple companies, and when the time came to start a Public Sector Sales Program at ShoreTel, we chose him to lead the initiative.  We saw immediate results and went from an unknown entity within the government space to an industry leader.
Troy, and many of the folks he’s teamed with, played an instrumental role in the growth of Nextel’s Public Sector Program from $50,000 in revenue in 1998 to $3 Billion in 2008.  He worked for me as a VP of Public Sector for several years, and was an incredible leader and expert in the space.
Troy and I have known and worked together for 15+ years.  Troy’s public sector teams have done an incredible job over time establishing rich personal and professional relationships with their customers and partners. Troy’s leadership and active listening skills have earned him a loyal following for good reason. If you’re on Troy’s team you win – that’s what he does.